Black Girl Powerhouse

As black girls with power, we make investments to BUILD.
We CELEBRATE our achievements, tenacity and beauty. We BELIEVE that black girls do rock,
and because of our distinctive aptitudes, we BELIEVE we can accomplish anything our hearts desire.
We BELIEVE in us!  

We build . . . We celebrate . . . We believe . . . in us!

     The Black Girl Powerhouse is designed to provide a massive support system for women of color, to build morale, to educate our members and encourage them to stand in solidarity on issues that relate to us. By including fun activities, we hope to make our members feel as if the BG Powerhouse is a home away from their own homes. The breathtaking property will be located in Missouri. It will be available to all of our members who desire to step away from their everyday, ordinary lives and come to our facility for relaxation, networking,  empowering weekly seminars, entertainment and much more!  

 Based on two different designs, multi-level (Plan B) or single level
(Plan A), the most impressive things you will see throughout the
Powerhouse are portraits of African American women achievers whom we
consider trailblazing legends. Some who have been overlooked in society, but whose memories we want to keep alive. You will see unique art pieces
designed by us and for us. There will be a bookstore that includes the
literary works of women writers, and a gift shop to purchase gifts for everyone. A chef's kitchen will be nearby, along with a wine/bar area and a great room where our members can meet and greet, while taking in the views. The property will boast four spacious meeting rooms for weekly scheduled events. Events may revolve around politics, educational seminars, health and wealth, beauty tips . . . and
motivational speaking that will inspire and benefit our members in
every way possible. Also included will be a movie theater, concession
area and a spa for members who need a little pampering. Outdoors is
where more fun happens and there will be numerous lounging areas, an
area for concerts, rental spaces for weddings and parties, and much
more. We want our members to have an unrivaled experience, and our
membership fees will be affordable.

We truly believe that the BG Powerhouse  will attract all women across the country. The opportunity to become a member
will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. We're excited
about this venture and we hope to complete our estimated 2.7 million dollar facility in the very near future!

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