Black Girl Powerhouse

As black girls with power, we make investments to BUILD.
We CELEBRATE our achievements, tenacity and beauty. We BELIEVE that black girls do rock,
and because of our distinctive aptitudes, we BELIEVE we can accomplish anything our hearts desire.
We BELIEVE in us!  

We build . . . We celebrate . . . We believe . . . in us!

The Black Girl Powerhouse Resort was designed to provide a massive support/networking facility for women of color. This will enable us to build morale, make vital connections and deliver pure relaxation to women with desires to simply get away from home. The breathtaking private property will be located in Missouri. Members will embark upon an unrivaled experience and will have access to numerous ammenaties on the property.

 Based on the design, the most impressive things you will see throughout the
Powerhouse are portraits of African American women achievers whom we
consider trailblazing legends. Some who have been overlooked in society, but whose memories we want to keep alive. You will see unique art pieces
by us and for us. There will be a gift shop that includes creations by African American women. A chef's kitchen will be nearby, along with a wine/bar area and a great room where our members can meet and greet, while taking in the views. The property will include an auditorium for special events like concerts, movie premieres, stage plays, special seminars and so much more. The outdoor space will include a party tent, lounging area with swimming pool, and a Legacy Fountain Wall that will display the names of our contributors. This will be YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME and we look forward to bringing our building project to fruition. 

We truly believe that the BG Powerhouse  will attract all women across the country. The opportunity to become a member
will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. We're excited
about this venture and we hope to complete our estimated 2.7 million dollar facility in the very near future!

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