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Black women entrepreneurs are on the rise and doing it BIG! Our goal is to empower MORE women by creating a trademarked worldwide brand and giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to sell BGPH products and profit.
We invite you to set up a kiosk at the mall, open a storefront, sell BGPH products across the internet, at expos or conventions. No matter how you choose to work your magic, do you!  The door is open for you to manage a business and possibly add your own products with the BGPH brand. We welcome your creativity and we’re always looking for something new for consumers.

As founder of the Black Girl PowerhouseTM and a born entrepreneur, I’m extremely excited about empowering women to start a BGPH business. Our trademarked brand defines us and we want to hear about some of your unique products to include with our brand. I look forward to sharing my ideas, along with the same model I’ve used for decades, to sell merchandise and thousands of books nationwide. Being a national bestselling, award-winning novelist and pounding the pavement to push my name/products taught me a lot about business marketing. It’s key to success for sure. With a team of creative women under one HOUSE, look out world! Here we come . . .  

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